Making Adjustments On The Fly

Many of us go into tailspins and panic when we are forced to deviate from our planned schedules.

If we hit traffic and are forced to miss a workout, we panic.

If he have a few glasses of wine and dessert at dinner, we panic.

In our panic, we throw our hands up and say screw it…I’ll get back on track next Monday.

I would argue that these reactions are one way to guarantee you will have a much harder time reaching success with your health and fitness goals.

Instead of building out your schedule, I want you to think along the lines of building out a “loose template”.


In our training programs, we have a general template that we work off of. This template is what we have developed around an “Ideal” training program based on the research and experience we have put together over the years.

This program, as you all know, includes pushups.

Well what happens when someone can’t do pushups for whatever reason? Do we just throw our hands up, panic, and say we can’t do pushups today?

No. What we do is elevate your hands to a bar or bench. Shoulder pain? We move to a 1 arm press or a tricep band pushdown.

We had to deviate from the “ideal” plan, but we still worked within the template we have designed.

So how does this apply to you and your template?

Let’s say your “Ideal” Schedule looks like the following:

Monday: Lift Weights
Tuesday: Run Outside
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Lift Weights
Friday: Group Class
Saturday: Hike
Sunday: Off

On Tuesday, you hit traffic on the way home from work and miss your run. You have two options:

Throw your hands up in the air and call it a wash…


Adjust accordingly. Maybe your schedule for that week needs to look like this:

Monday: Lift Weights
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Lift Weights
Thursday: Group Class
Friday: Run Outside
Saturday: Hike

Is this the “ideal” plan? No. However, we still stuck to our template that includes 4 days/week of training. Maybe we had to do some things that aren’t get home a little later on Wednesday or do lifts in a row instead of alternating…but we stuck to the template.

Or how about nutrition?

You go to lunch with a friend and decide for the burger over the salad. You have two beers instead of water.

Our “ideal plan” doesn’t call for this, but that does not mean the day (or week) is not salvageable.

Maybe Dinner that night calls for a salad and water. We over-did the carbs at lunch, so we choose a lower-carb option at dinner to work within the general template.

Is this ideal? No. But what do you think of the alternative? How many of you have taken a cheat meal and turned it into a cheat weekend? (ME!). We can’t panic every time we have a burger or slice of pizza. We just need to make some adjustments elsewhere to make things fit.

The point is, life is going to get in your way. Schedule changes, job changes, injuries, social obligations, kids, sports, etc.

Spoiler alert: This is going to happen to EVERY one of you.

You have two choices.

1. Make the necessary adjustments and acknowledge that while not perfect, you must work with what you have.


2. Continue to take steps backwards every time things aren’t perfect (which they will never be for an extended period of time).

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