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Nutrition Coaching

Without proper diet and hydration, a fitness or performance program alone will not help someone reach his or her fullest potential. At BOLT, we follow the following principles: -Eat Like an Adult -Drink enough water -You are a product of Your habits -Consistently repeated daily actions + Time = Results While this may seem simple, we know it is not easy. There are a lot of diet and nutrition systems out there that work for some people. The question is, how can we find something that works for YOU. The difference between The BOLT philosophy and other systems is that we do not have ONE set system. Our system is to help YOU create YOUR system based on the demands of your life. For example: We believe that it can be beneficial to eat several small meals per day. For someone who works from home and makes his or her own schedule, we may recommend this strategy. For a surgeon who spends hours at a time in surgery, that may not be very realistic. No matter who you are, we can figure out a strategy to help you get healthier. Each BOLT member will receive a 1 on 1 strategy session to discuss and implement a nutrition strategy that is designed specifically for each individual. We will discuss food choices, implementation strategies, and how to build habits that stick. Each member will be provided the opportunity to schedule 10-minute periodic follow-up nutritional coaching calls and e-mails throughout the life of his or her membership.