I am not really sure where to start, but it is easiest to say that going to BOLT has literally changed my life. 
In recent years, I had become a bit of a couch potato and the thought of exercising scared me. I was so unfit that the thought of joining a gym TERRIFIED me. I managed to get a little bit of exercise by going on my elliptical at home, but the only person motivating me was myself and as we all know, any excuse and we will avoid doing things that don’t come easily to us.
My friend suggested we try the BOLT for the 30-day promotion. I had never set foot in any gym before and was only considering it because my friend was going. Having met with Mike, I was reassured that BOLT wasn’t like other gyms and that your team would help me reach the goals I wanted to achieve.
Well, here I am nearly a year later and my life has been transformed. The motivation from the ‘family’ at BOLT, the support, the new friends I have made and my new-found confidence has been incredible. I love going to BOLT so much, the classes are such fun and all the guys who work there all make you feel like an individual. Exercising is something I now love to do- and I never thought I would say that! 
I can now keep up with my family on hikes, I have come off my cholesterol medication and I have lost weight too. It takes motivation to make this happen, but BOLT and its team motivate me and help me to feel like anything is possible.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you Mike, Tom, Luis and Mike for helping me so much on my journey, I still have a way to go but know I would have given up long ago if I hadn’t joined BOLT!

-Faye S

“First, I have been a disciplined gym goer for years, mostly at the big “factory” gyms. At those places, unless you pay a lot of money for personal training, you are just a number and a monthly check. It was impossible to really evaluate progress or form a real workout community.
Bolt is 180 degrees different. The trainers care about everyone there and watch us like mother hens to make sure that we are doing the exercises properly (I forgot to mention, that at the other gym, I was constantly fighting nagging injuries, due to poor form or routine). Additionally, the other gym members are like family. We are friends that support and push each other to succeed. The Bolt family encourages attendance makes coming fun.
Finally, Bolt isn’t boring. Bolt has the advantage of having experts providing daily variety and exercise differentiation, so we are not just sitting on an elliptical or tread mill, day in and day out. This makes coming in fun and challenging.
Personally, I have been at Bolt for a year and in that time, I have lost fat and gained muscle. Bolt’s focus on not just training, but nutrition and overall motivation are all part of a rounded exercise program. 
I am now in the best shape I have been in in about 20 years and I am motivated to get even better with the support of the Bolt family.”

-Gary L.

“I am now in the best shape I have been in about 20 years, and I am motivated to get even better with the support of the Bolt family.”

“The coaches and community at Bolt have helped me realize that the better I take care of myself, the better I can take care of everything and everyone else!”  

Exercise is a top priority in my life! That’s a statement that before two years ago, I couldn’t have made in all honesty. 
Before joining BOLT, I exercised when I had time, which was often pretty sporadic. Like many women the demands of children, family and work leave me with very little spare time or energy, and making time for the gym used to be the first thing I’d sacrifice in order to do something for someone else. The coaches and community at BOLT Fitness have helped me realize that the better I take care of myself the better I can take care of everything and everyone else. Now when I organize my busy week, my classes at BOLT are the first things I put on my calendar and all else falls into place around that. 
Over the past couple of years I’ve lost weight, gained more strength that I ever thought possible and have more energy to tackle my hectic work and family life. 
I’ve also made new friends who truly care when I miss a class and encourage me to push myself to new levels (with lots of laughs and fun mixed in at the same time). 
My BOLT coaches have become partners on my fitness journey and help me keep the priorities I’ve set to live my best life!

-June T.

When I was young I was always thin – made fun of as to how thin I was. Then, in my twenties, I acquired a thyroid problem. Later after having three children and getting older I began gaining weight and not being able to lose it. My mom, who passed away a few years ago, was always very concerned about my weight. I was really busy working and raising my children that my health and well-being were my last concern (my mistake). Now my children are all adults and I felt I was ready to “do for me”.

Sometimes Facebook is a good thing? I stumbled upon an ad from a gym called BOLT. So I called and made the appointment to come in and try it out. 
 First impression – Mike and the team are so kind and very attuned to your abilities (or shall I say inabilities, LOL!), but they never made me feel embarrassed. I was impressed by the things they had me do to access my strength and stamina. Much of those movements were simple but I couldn’t believe how weak I was. One of the exercises I was doing were the dreaded “get back ups” and I vowed to my mother (who before she passed she couldn’t walk) that I am doing this for you mom! I decided this was the place for me to be right there and then. 
Pretty quickly I could feel myself getting stronger and I actually fit into some pants I didn’t fit into before. 
I committed to Tuesday and Thursday 6 am and Saturday mornings and it was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made!


“I can look in the mirror and be amazed and proud of my accomplishments”

“In a little over a year’s time at Bolt, I have completely changed the shape of my body!”  

In a little over a year’s time at BOLT, I have completely changed the shape of my body, in addition to losing 13.4 pounds and 7.4% body fat. 

Now let me back up…I have pretty consistently worked out since high school, minus a couple of pregnancy bed rests and an ankle injury. I have been a member of many gyms throughout the years in several different towns, including three in Chester. I have heard Mike say and seen him write that he doesn’t do anything special here. I couldn’t disagree more. 
I have never gotten the results I am getting now (at 44!) at any other gym. 
Any. Other. Gym.
  I was doing cardio daily and trained our run for 3 months for that first 10 mile race…I ran the whole thing and look at the shape I was in! 
In short, I firmly believe there is something really special and unique about BOLT, Show up, be consistent, work hard, have fun and it WILL happen. I tell this to everyone whom I talk to BOLT about. And believe it 1000%. 
 I haven’t felt this strong, this good, this fit and this comfortable with myself in a long, long time. And the best is still yet to come! So thank you, thank you, thank you!


Exercise has been a part of my life on and off since college, but I never fully committed to anything 100% before BOLT. I have always belonged to your typical gym that offers classes- In the 90’s it was spin and step class for me, in early 2000’s I was raising my kids and working full time- so I hardly worked out- but did yoga probably once or twice a week, once my kids were older- I started taking classes more regularly -around 3x a week- HITT, Spin, step, barre- but I never really saw the results I wanted and as time went on the I was losing m motivation and if something else came up- the gym was an easy thing to miss. 

I knew I new the big box gym was not doing it for me anymore and I needed to change things up! My weight has ever been the problem ( I know- poor me), but I really needed to build some muscle and get stronger! Two friends of mine were at BOLT and loved it and were seeing their efforts pay off with real results. I decided to take the leap and try it.
I joined BOLT at the end of April in 2018- I started with Sweat classes and in November I added Strength classes. I thought the whole thing would be so intimidating- I was definitely coming out of my comfort zone to join BOLT, but from the moment I walked in my first day, I new I had found something special. I can’t believe I am coming up on a year already. The time has flown by. I feel better than I have in years. I am definitely stronger, have more energy and my clothes fit better and who can complain about that! 
Every morning the coaches greet me by name (which never happened at the other gyms I have belonged to). They push me to do my best everyday and have more faith in my abilities then I do! I love the personal attention they give me (and everyone else) – making sure I am doing the exercise properly and have the correct form. I get the same encouragement from the other members – everyone is so supportive and most importantly non-judgemental. Everyone just wants everyone to succeed and meet their personal goals. A year later, I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to join- there is no looking back- only forward!


“I feel better than I have in years and I am definitely stronger, have more energy, and my clothes fit better. Who can complain about that?!”

“When I first arrived, it was so encouraging to see that everyone looked like me!”  

For me, there were definitely consequences if I did not try something. 

 I could not even tell you why I responded to Mike’s initial call for Dad’s in the area for a challenge. I just reacted. 
When I first arrived, I noticed that everyone looked like me, which was encouraging. What really got me to think, was when Mike said that it takes a while for something to become a habit and this should be a habit for it to succeed. 
I then started feeling better every month and have less physical issues working around the house. 
It has been 2 years and not every day is easy…but I do look forward to going to the gym, now.  


Although I had been active at many points in my life, I had let myself go for many years. 

I joined a gym but wasn’t comfortable there and also got hurt. Then I found BOLT. 
I started with the Intro and it wasn’t easy but I had so much encouragement from Mike, Tom and the other trainers. 
Having to book my classes helped me immensely. It was an appointment and I needed to keep it but also at the same time I found how I loved/love going to BOLT. 
I progressed from going twice a week to at least four, often five times a week! I am able to move and complete exercises that I never thought I would be able to do. 
Although I still get tired (not a great sleeper) I am no longer lethargic. When I don’t go I truly miss it as part of my day! 
Thank you to the BOLT Team for inspiring and encouraging me to continue my journey to strength and good health 🙂 

-Christine G.

“I am able to move and do things I never thought I’d be able to do!”

“For the first time in my life, I am making time for me, working hard while having fun, meeting great people, and becoming the best version of me!”  

After a year of a personal and painful loss, I let myself go, and in a bad way. I gave up, I didn’t eat “good for me food”. I was binge eating, I wasn’t moving, I was just being. I was miserable, I needed to make healthy changes, and soon. 
So I started walking my dog more, taking yoga classes, even joined a “gym”, my efforts in an attempt to become more active and fit were adding to my frustration and depression because I wasn’t feeling better, not physically or mentally. 
For the longest time, I craved to get back in shape doing something, anything that didn’t feel like a boring workout, something that would make me feel better. I hoped to find something to help me develop steady habits of good health and fitness in my life. 
When I was younger, I was very active, dancing, swimming, softball, skiing, and gymnastics. I love to be active, to do something physically challenging while having a good time doing it. As I have matured and started to take notice of others my age and older, I see how they struggle with simple every day activities, walking up a flight of stairs, getting up from a couch, carrying groceries or opening a jar. I NEVER want to be helpless. I never want to be out of breath walking up stairs. I knew I needed to make a change and soon, but what???  
Enter Team BOLT!!!!! I went and met with Mike, and just like a lot of people I wanted to lose weight and tone up. After my first session, I realized how out of shape I really was. I was discouraged and mad at myself for letting myself go. I stuck with it. After the first two weeks (about 6 SWEAT classes) I noticed minor physical changes, I will spare you the details, just know there were results!! 
What started to happen, which became more important than the physical benefits was that my head was clearer, I was able to think and focus at work, I felt less stressed, I felt emotionally stronger and happy. I have been part of the BOLT team since October 2017. I go to 3-4 classes every week. I tell my friends and family that for 45 minutes, 4 days a week I don’t have to think, I just need to show up! 
For the first time in my life, I am making time for me, working hard while having fun, meeting great people and becoming the best version of me. I was barely able to squat 10 times, I am now squatting with 50-pound weights, over 60 reps or more! I wasn’t able to do a pushup, now it’s all I want to do and keep pushing myself to do more. The effort I put in at BOLT, encourages me to make better choices when eating. 
When I am not at BOLT, I am taking long hikes with my husband and dog. With these little changes, the weight is coming off, I am more confident in my every day activities, and I am getting stronger physically and emotionally. 

-Amy C.

“Before joining Bolt, I was the kind of person who would go to the gym on a daily basis but with no structured plan or guidance. I would do my daily cardio and a few machines but there was no plan to follow and creating my own food plan was left to me. With no one tracking my progress and cheering me on, it was very easy to get sidetracked and miss the gym here and there or sometimes weeks at a time. 
When I first heard about Bolt from some friends, I didn’t think I was that kind of person, who could do those workouts or stick to a daily schedule. I could not have been more wrong. I have surprised myself that I now eagerly get up first thing in the morning and go to Bolt before work. 
I have more energy than I have ever had before and it turns out I am stronger than I thought I was. The instructors at Bolt keep it fun and keep me motivated. I also now get to work out with a group of people just like me who share a common goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes that’s all the motivation you need. I would highly recommend Bolt to anyone.”

-Tammy A.

I get to work out with a group of people just like me who share a common goal of living a healthier lifestyle.”

“My Doctor told me, ‘Whatever you are doing… keep doing it!'”  

“Before Bolt, my exercise routine consisted of walking in my neighborhood or riding my stationary incumbent bike in my basement while watching TV. I did attempt to use some light weights, while following along with some videos but I seemed to be doing more harm than good. I was extremely bored with what I was doing, and was not really motivated! 
I knew I wanted to try something different, but I WAS NOT a “gym person.”
It has been 3 ½ years since joining BOLT and I am hooked! I am in the best shape of my life, feel great, have built up much needed muscle, lost weight, and have toned up. My doctor told me: “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” 
The coaches are great, they always make me feel comfortable, make sure I do the exercises correctly, while pushing me when I need to be pushed! Everyone in the gym is so supportive and friendly. I love the fact that everyone can come to a sweat class, and work at their own level. 
 In my semi-private class, the coaches continuously help me set new goals and creates a workout program to ensure I reach those goals. 
 Recently I had a “personal best” with deadlifts, something I never thought I could do. Thanks Tom! 
The encouragement, support and genuine caring of all the coaches is incredible! 

-Jackie C.

First of all, I have NEVER been a gym person. Sure, I have joined different places over the years, but nothing ever stuck. I was uncomfortable, I was intimidated by other members who “looked better” than me, I got discouraged….you name it, I felt it.
In the fall of 2017, I was making some major life changes, I had recently stopped working, I was looking at an empty nest in less than 2 years and I was overweight (really overweight), tired and weak. In fact, my muscle tone was practically non-existent. A few people had told me about Bolt and I saw ads on Facebook, so I got up my courage and went in to see Mike.
From the start, Mike was friendly, supportive and seemed like the type of guy who would not judge, just simply encourage me, so I took a chance and signed up for a 21 day challenge. Those three weeks changed me.
I met the other coaches, who all were just as encouraging as Mike, I started slowly learning new skills and I found myself making friends with other members. One member told me that she comes five days a week because she likes it so much and was seeing results and had never felt better. 
The best part is that the workouts are designed for everyone. Super strong people and those like me….not in the best of shape….can do it and are constantly and consistently encouraged to work harder. I love achieving a new level of weight or reaching a new goal. And the celebrations from coaches and members alike keep me striving to meet another new goal! The support never ends!  
Did I ever feel intimidated or discouraged? Sure! But the difference between Bolt and other gyms is that the atmosphere never allowed me to feel badly about it. 
My entire family’s diet has slowly changed and we all are eating better. Over a year later, I am still a 9am girl and I go to the gym 4-5 times each week. I have a group of friends whom I see regularly, my workouts have steadily increased in strength and skill and I feel so much better. I am no longer feeling weak, and my muscle tone and energy levels have increased substantially. 
Bolt has made a major difference in my life. The coaches are my friends and I consider them family. The members are my friends as well and I look forward to spending an hour with them each day. 
 Over the past year, my son, daughter and husband have all joined Bolt and they love it as much as I do. In fact, my 17 year old son considers Tom and Mike a mentor, coach and buddy. This is certainly a special place! 

-Peggy B.

“They taught me how to look at myself differently. My entire family’s diet has slowly changed and we are all living healthier lifestyles.”

“The first think mike asked me, “What can we do for YOU?” pretty much sums up the philosophy of the gym!”  

“I’m 54 and have been working out in a gym or with a trainer since my 20s – with lots of starts and stops along the way, varying levels of success, and quite frankly, varying levels of motivation. I have 3 children and with each pregnancy gained about 30-40 pounds (that’s a whole lot, especially for a 5’2” gal). My fitness journey could best be described as a roller coaster ride: lots of ups and downs. 
I worked out at my last gym for about 12 years. It was a good experience with great people, but I found myself becoming less and less inspired, and coming up with fairly lame excuses why I couldn’t make it to gym. I was bored with a repetitive routine, felt like I had reached a plateau and was frustrated by that. And then I discovered Bolt: It has been truly life changing for me. The first class I attended at Bolt was a fundraising event (Bolt often gives back to the community, a definite plus for me). 
The coaches – and members – were wonderfully welcoming. The first thing Mike asked me, “What can we do for YOU?” pretty much sums up the philosophy of the gym. This is a group of coaches that sees you as an individual, understanding that there’s not a one-size-fits-all path to fitness. 
The support feels 24/7: The door to Bolt always feels open – the coaches are available to talk about whatever we may be struggling with or have a question about. In addition, we often receive emails from Mike. Each message is a thoughtful perspective, not just about fitness, but also about life’s challenges and ways to approach them. I learn something new, and feel inspired by his message. 
One of the most meaningful sources of support outside of the gym may seem like a little thing: a postcard. The coaches keep an eye out for our challenges and successes and never fail to recognize them with a note of support. Those little nuggets mean so much…and are a great symbol of the coaches’ dedication to each member.” 

-Carolyn L.

I started coming to BOLT February of 2018 – prior to coming to BOLT for exercise I was going to Zumba classes a few times a week at various dance studios and dropping into other fitness classes here and there. I never wanted to get locked into a gym membership somewhere in fear that I wouldn’t be consistent and stop going. To fill in in between those type of classes I would use fitness apps or Youtube to do some workouts at home with light weights. These were always helpful in a pinch but I never felt like I really pushed myself at home on my own like I could in a class or group environment. Over time, I would find myself getting bored and taper off doing what I was doing and not staying consistent in doing any type of exercise. Taking off a few days here and there and then maybe a week or month at a time because once my schedule would throw me off I just wouldn’t continue like I was before. 
Now Enter Bolt at the Beginning of 2018 – I can confidently say at age 35 this is the MOST consistent I have been with exercise and an exercise program. From the beginning I recognized that this was a significant investment in my health and wellness and I wanted to be dedicated and take it seriously. From day one I hit the ground running taking advantage of both Strength and Sweat classes. I was consistently trying to make it 5 to 6 days a week as long as my work schedule permitted (and I would find that when I had to be away for work or other reasons I would be grumpy if I missed a class here or there). 
 Yes there were days that I was sore or tired and didn’t feel like I could go – but I pushed myself and said if I just go and move a little and work through some of the soreness Ill feel better in the end. As the weeks went on – I wouldn’t say things got easier but it was part of my routine and I wanted to be there more and more. 
 It’s a combination of a few things, the coaching staff is amazing and you are not going to get this type of coaching any where else. They pay close attention to how you are feeling daily and working through any issues that you might be having. And then there is a the community of people – I turned myself into a morning person and got myself there every day at 7 am because of the group of people that I knew were there waiting for me to workout with them. I knew if I didn’t show up my new friends were going to text me and say – “Hey! Where were you today we missed you” 
That’s what keeps me coming, the wonderful supportive community of people that are part of the Bolt Family are the best! I now find myself trying to get more of my friends to join because I know they will get so much out of it, just like I have! I have gotten stronger throughout the year or so that I have been going both cardiovascular and strength wise. It’s the only time that I have felt empowered on my fitness journey and makes me happy to have this part of my daily life.

-Lindsay P.

“It’s the only time that I’ve ever felt empowered on my fitness journey and it makes me happy to have this as part of my daily life!”

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